Monday, December 24, 2012

What have we been eating?


Here's the short list, with photos, in no particular order...

This is some candy in the Narita airport that was cute, but not cute enough to eat.

We have been eating a lot of rice.  Lots.

But it's really good!  This rice is cooked with cashews and raisins and baked INSIDE a pineapple!

First day in Bangkok - Ric couldn't wait to try the Squid chips!

Squid Jerky

Quail eggs.

Dragon Fruit - I have added it to the list of things that I will recognize as food when stranded on a desert island, and possibly as an interesting cocktail mixer, but eaten plain (although pretty) not that interesting flavor-wise.

Mangosteen!  Food for the gods in this close-up of an offering,  but we got some of our own at the market in Chiang Mai.

Neither Ric nor I ate this frog.

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