Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First night in Yangon

Our first night in Yangon really felt like the adventure was beginning.  We were prepared, though, after a few days of holing up and being sick in Hua Hin.  If we were going to be sick, that was the place to do it!

Sunrise in Hua Hin

So we had our strength back for the first night of exploring Yangon.  

We had planned to go to the party at the Pansodan Gallery, but we didn't find it in time for the Tuesday Night mix and mingle.  We'll find it today.

What we did accomplish was wandering around the night markets in Yangon, which had some crazy vegetables and LOTS of clementines.  We didn't have any money changed, yet, though, so no real fruit tastes yet.

And we got to see/hear some action around the Botataung Paya.  They were chanting when we passed it on our way into town and still going when we made it back later on tonight.

Offering outside of Botataung Paya

Cobra dragon outside of Botataung Paya

We also found some dogs that wanted to make me a part of their pack, so we decided to head home and check it out some more in the morning.

Which it is, now.  SO!  We are off to make our calls, meet some people, and see what we can see in Yangon!

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